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Personal Training is an awesome investment in yourself! Here are the opportunities and advantages available to you…

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I am not entirely comfortable with online Personal Training due to the inability to supervise my clients’ proper form, level of fatigue/failure and target heart rate. However, there is a high-demand for online training regardless of these risk factors in addition to unknown health conditions, medicinal prescriptions, lifestyle, etc. that can affect the client’s progress. Having said that, I am willing to participate in the online training program as long as the client acknowledges these concerns and holds themselves accountable for all actions, especially unsupervised. Overall, I feel working one-on-one would be a more personal and effective experience if conducted together as a team but I do not want to turn down the possibility of being a part of one’s success if the clients’ motivation and hard work is there.

I will assign custom workouts, nutritional coaching/guidance, and/or a custom carb/macro cycle for the client to follow. If some exercises are still unknown to the client after I have explained it in depth, it will be the client’s responsibility to research how it is conducted to obtain a better visual and concept. (Some great suggestions are YouTube,,, etc.) The client is required to check-in daily with their progress (via text/email) informing their calorie/macro-count for the day, how they feel and if there are any questions/concerns from their workout and/or nutrition. In addition, monthly progress photos and circumferential measurements are also required. These collectively are to hold the client accountable as well as to avoid any confusion that could lead to a number of issues ranging from injury, misconception and unhealthy dieting.

If the client agrees to do online training, there is a required questionnaire to fill out/sign to help me better understand the client’s background that would enable me to create a more ideal/individual program that is highly effective. After all, I can’t assume everyone is the same let alone remember everyone’s history!


I do offer online nutritional coaching which strictly consists of proper dieting and/or competitive prep for $125/month. I do NOT give the client workouts and/or pre-written menu’s as this is strictly an educational nutrition course. I do teach HOW to customize your desired meal planning for your specific goal by implementing the importance of each food group, how to incorporate foods with various macronutrients (fats/carbs/proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins/minerals). Furthermore, we discuss the supplemental industry and will teach you the pros and cons of many common products which can either help or hinder your progress.

I can also offer a variety of clean-eating homemade recipes to incorporate in a guilt-free, everyday lifestyle. I personally enjoy these recipes made with organic ingredients and get results myself that will also give you the proper fuel your body requires to promote healthy living as well as weight-loss. The purpose of this class is so that the client takes nutrition to the next level on their own by learning vs. constantly relying on someone or something to consistently improve their lifestyle and/or goals while also avoiding cookie-cutter plans.

Rates, locations, and availability are subject to change.