"Highway to Health" is an informative book that offers extensive details and facts in regards to health and fitness, dieting, nutrition, weight-loss, physical activity, strength training, bodily functioning and competitive information and preparation. Rest assured that Doctors, Dietitians, additional highly-accredited fitness professionals as well as PRO-bodybuilders and athletes have volunteered their time to read and validate my work to ensure the reader is properly educated and updated with the most accurate research in exercise-science and physical fitness. This is a great source to improve your personal growth and education in the fitness industry.

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"On-Season Off-Season" is a great way to keep variety in your diet while maintaining proper health to keep you on track with all the nutritional factors broken down for convenience; each recipe 500 calories or less! Foods range from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, even desserts!

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Everyone has heard their doctor tell them to make sure they’re not only eating right, but to take any necessary vitamin supplements too, to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Well most doctors just mean to take a generic, store-bought supplement which is not awful, but is not that great. What you need are vitamins, minerals, and other natural products that are organic, plant-based and/or made from nutrient-rich soils that provide you a higher quality and better results in comparison to your average chain-store and OTC products.

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But that’s not all, he feels that there’s more to just taking exceptional vitamins, minerals, and/or protein drinks. He believes that even your pets can benefit with a line of pet-care! Don’t have a pet? Well, we all wash our hair so having said that, you’re sure to find a wide variety of goodies such as: Shampoo’s, mineral make-up, essential oils and aromatherapy, all-organic coffee, hot chocolate and sports drinks, wholesome foods, even nutrient-rich organic soils for those of you who love to garden to name a few. The options are endless and come with free auto-ship for those who enroll to top it off.

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