Hey there! Thanks for checking out my website! I know there are so many options out there when it comes to choosing trainers and nutritionists so it means a lot that you’re taking the time to learn more about me and my history. I was born on May 18, 1978 in Glendale, (Southern California). My parents; Tom & Paula gave me 2 brothers and 1 sister. Anthony is the oldest, and then it’s me, next is my sister and best-friend; Gianna, and finally my “big” little brother, Joey. (I say “big” because although he is the baby, he is the tallest and has the most muscular out of all of us). We all grew up in small suburb town in Los Angeles, San Dimas—yes, where “Bill and Ted’s” movie was filmed. I stuck around there until I was 18 then kinda ventured around the West L.A. area until I was 30 when I was crazy enough to join the Air Force at such a late age. (Believe it or not, their cut-off is age 28; I had to get an approved waiver).

I was stationed at Hurlburt Field; a small base in the NW panhandle of FL near Pensacola for several years. Since my passion and former career is in aviation, I was hoping to continue with it (specifically as an Air Traffic Controller). Ironically, instead I got a big ‘hahaha’ and assigned to a career field with the LRS squadron where I had neither experience nor interest in; supply “aka mobags.” There I issued out training and deployment weapons and equipment in a huge, hot, boring warehouse. I was also an active runner since I was 13 but that stopped (as far as doing on my own when I was stationed in FL). I simply had a hard time adapting to the difference in the environment as far as the weather from Los Angeles being rather pleasant or at least tolerant year-round.

Shortly after life in the military, I got remarried and stayed living in Navarre, FL where my fitness career began. I didn’t like I wasn’t running but I knew I had to do something so I hired a personal trainer, Cherie Norman of Snap Fitness. I briefly trained with her because finances were tight but within those 8 weeks she changed my life—forever. That is when I started competing, modeling, writing, personal training and fitness nutrition as well as public speaking.

My clients range from 16-82 years with various types of health issues and of course, personal goals. Working with each of my clients has been rewarding on so many levels. For someone who has failed time-and-time again and is ready to give up but gives it one last shot with me is proof that the “glass is half full” and that success is still very much in their future. I wish I can make things happen over-night to ease my clients pain and frustration with how they see and feel about themselves. However, what I can do is be honest with them, give them all the tools and knowledge to make their journey healthy and pleasant, along with accountability to keep them on track because we’ve all heard that expression; ”Rome was not built in a day.” Having said that, consider this: Even if you don’t train with me, just know that ”nothing is impossible, because the word itself says “I’M POSSIBLE!”

If you have come across my website and are in the NW panhandle, I’m sorry to say I have since moved back to California but unfortunately not back to my home town. My husband is still in the military; we are actually in Northern California living in Penn Valley and project we will be here until about 2020. I’m sorry I can’t offer my one-on-one services in person for personal training although if you click on the ‘train’ tab, we may be able work together online for nutritional courses. On the other hand, Cherie Norman is still and active, highly accredited certified Personal Trainer who would be happy to work with you. Please text your inquiries to: 850-619-0039 and please be sure to tell her you got your number off this website.

Want to learn more about me? See if I can answer any of your questions here…


How often do you workout?

About 1 1/2 hours a day

What is your workout schedule like?

Monday -- biceps / triceps

Tuesday -- shoulders / core

Wednesday -- hamstrings / glutes / core

Thursday -- back

Friday -- quads / calves / core

Saturday -- shoulders / core

Sunday -- OFF

I have a hard time gaining muscle in my shoulders and is why you see them scheduled twice a week.

How much cardio do you do and what kind?

It really depends. Some days I literally just do 10 minutes while other days I can do up to 2 hours. If that happens I will skip whatever workout was scheduled for the day considering the longevity and intensity of the cardio. As far as what kind, I always like to opt for a run. Some days I will run for a mile while other days I literally run half marathons! No joke! My best half marathon timing so far has been in 1:52 (or an 8:42 average pace). So as you can see it’s never consistent which is good. Switching up cardio exercises in general is more ideal but that’s a weakness of mine, I just really enjoy running!

Do you do the same exercises every time you work out?

I try to focus on heavy sets of a particular exercise for a specific muscle the majority of my workout. Then I do a few random sets of the same muscle group finishing with my core at the end.

How many competitions do you do a year?

I like to aim for 4-5, but it depends on finances, sponsors, etc. as it can get very expensive.

How long are you "on-season?"

Year-round. If I’m not competing anytime soon, I occasionally allow myself meals/snacks here-and-there that I would typically avoid but that’s it. I don’t believe in “bulking,” I believe in clean-eating and consistency.

How tall are you and what is your average weight "on-season" and "off-season?"

I’m 5’4 and fluctuate between 108 (on the stage) and 115 (off the stage). As I just mentioned, I don’t practice “off-season” habits with excessive eating. I don’t like to consume too many extra calories beyond what I burn in a day to have to work that much harder prepping for a competition. Again, when I don’t have a show in mind, I relax a little more but not regularly. In addition, it’s also important to always be as “photo-ready” as possible for any opportunity that arises as photographers are expecting to get what they see.

How did you become a Figure competitor?

I started out in the Bikini division and did okay but never placed. Judges and other sources explained that I was a little too lean for that division; of course as a beginner my presence could always be improved as well. But as time went on I excelled with strength training and ended up leaning out even more in addition to building more muscle. I found myself confused as to where I should be. So I advanced and tried the Figure division and eventually placed 1st and Overall!

What is your body fat composition when competing and after?

I can lean down as low as about 8%, but I feel more comfortable consistently around 10-13%.

How long does it take for you to be "competition ready?"

Anywhere from 4-10 weeks, depending on how close together the events are scheduled..

What were your biggest mistakes along the way with training?

Over-training and not eating enough to compensate for what my body needed to build and repair muscles.

Do you follow a specific diet plan?

Nope. I just eat healthy. Towards a competition I make tweaks.

Does everyone have to work out as many hours and days to get the same physique?

No. Anyone can work out at their own pace as long as they’re practicing a healthy lifestyle and incorporate exercise into their routine most days of the week.

How many times a day do you eat?

Usually 5, sometimes 6.

How many calories do you eat in a day?

Typically about 2,500 on a rest (non-workout) day and up to about 3,000 on a workout day. These are my "maintenance" calories when I'm not prepping for a show. Clearly, I don't eat like a bird. Nor would I want to!

How do you manage your healthy diet or eating out?

I make and prep food in advance for the week so it just takes me but a few minutes to stuff my little cooler for the day. As far as eating out I usually don't order whatever carb/starch portion that comes with the meal unless it happens to be brown/multi-grain rice, sweet potato, regular potatoes, however, I order them unseasoned. If those are not an option as sides then I just ask the server to please replace with a double serving of veggies instead also unseasoned. I'll season it myself at the table.

What's your favorite protein supplement? Or can you recommend any?

I prefer to not drink any type of processed shakes/meal replacements. I eat my protein typically through a piece of chicken or fish post-workout. It’s basically my second meal of the day of course accompanied by a serving of carbs and veggies. I don’t mind including in some baking recipes on occasion, or if in a pinch, I will have a shake but it must be unflavored, organic, grass-fed whey protein. That way I can make my own “flavor” by adding other organics in my shake to ensure I’m also getting a good balance of necessary vitamins and minerals.

As far as recommendation for supplements? It depends. I wouldn’t touch your typical GNC / Vitamin Shoppe products even if someone gave it to me for free. They are processed, man-made, unhealthy supplements that I believe has become another industry in itself that many people have relied on and quite frankly, wasted their money on. Taking fat-burners, pre-workouts, over-processed protein shakes, etc. are in my opinion, trash. Many feel different than me about that and that’s okay. Typically those people don’t care what’s on their labels either or how it’s made. Again, no judgments, I’m not trying to be snotty, I’m just answering a question I always get. More-so, they are NOT regulated by the FDA (clearly stated on each product) and can potentially result in inconsistent workouts or various side effects, especially combined with long-term usage and older age. Just because you’re young or younger, does not mean you are risk-free. Taking such products like fat-burners, etc. WILL increase several health risks; nothing I want to be a part of.

On the other hand, when it comes to simple vitamins and minerals, I will buy from Youngevity. This source provides nothing but healthy, organic products from nutrient-rich soils and plants that are no longer in abundance in our nation, exclusively sold by Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND and founder of “90 For Life;” a proven theory that your body needs 90 essential nutrients to fully function who has worked closely with the FDA. These products that are literally all-natural and from such rare earth health-goldmines are carefully selected and collected to give us what we need. They simply are not comparable to your typical vitamins, etc. that are sold in your grocery stores and common-chain stores like GNC. Athletes are especially prone to losing a lot of nutrition through sweat and is imperative they replenish those nutrients with trusted, promising products. You WILL see and make a difference! No matter your current health status, there’s something created for everyone! Be sure to click on my “shop” tab to learn more and connect directly to my “90 For Life” online store!

What does a typical day of food include?

Whole grains, oats, quinoa, brown/wild rice, chicken, fish, non-fat Greek yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, raw almonds/walnuts, 100% chocolate, egg whites (few yolks), broccoli, baby spinach, zucchini, asparagus, avocado, potatoes, sweet potatoes, raw skim milk/kefir, unsweetened almond milk, berries, bananas, apricots, pineapple, figs, dates, apples, beans, hummus...a combination of any of those. I have not eaten red meat or pork for 20 years. Although recently I have tried lean red meat again and eat here-and-there, but only up to 3-4oz portions because my body is still getting used to digesting it. Pork is still a no-no for me. I also tried it recently a few times and have just gotten ill.

What is your favorite cheat food or what do you eat on a day that you're not following your typical healthy eating?

I don't really go "willy-nilly" when I cheat and don't necessarily eat these on my cheat-day, but to be specific, peppermint patties! They almost have the power to make me weak at the knees but I still have the upper-hand! As far as a meal it would be stuffed-crust cheese pizza from Pizza Hut or sushi piled high with goodies and sauces.

What was your lifestyle like prior to competing and becoming a trainer?

I've been active for most of my life, but had countless "desk-type" jobs in the aviation industry which didn't help my posture, my metabolism, or my motivation. I really am thankful and prideful of the knowledge I have in that career field as it is still a passionate hobby, I just wish it was physically active too instead of mentally active.

What got you started in the fitness industry?

I was a runner for 20 years, got bored of that. Well, actually not only that, but since I joined the military and was stationed in FL, the difference in heat and humidity from Los Angeles was something I always struggled adapting to. So I joined a gym and got a trainer to make sure I was exercising effectively and correctly. I loved it so much I made it a part of my lifestyle and my career!

Since you joined the military at a much later age than most, how was it keeping up with their fitness standards? Do you still practice and / or teach the same exercises?

I surprisingly did exceptionally well. I was awarded "Most Physically Fit" in BMT (aka boot camp) in my Flight. As far as still practicing and teaching the same exercises - you bet! They truly are effective, only I include those to other various workouts.

Where do you train?

I have my own personal fully-equipped in-home gym.

Where do you train your clients?


What are the age ranges and health conditions of your clients?

The eldest client I trained was 82 and the youngest was 16. Their health conditions range from previously injured, recovering from surgery, obesity, diabetic, high cholesterol/blood pressure, arthritis and back problems, while others just want to get fit.

What is some advice you give to clients?

Don't be too hard on yourself. Time and (the wrong-kind) of effort made the undesirable change and takes just as much time, only now the (right-kind) of effort is going to make these positive changes. There's no such thing as overnight or super-quick, safe, effective weight loss and muscle gain. Do not buy into TV ad products and fad-diets as they're only interested in your money, not your overall health. If you're going to spend the money anyway, at least do it with a trained professional, someone who will work closely with you as an individual that can give you the essential tools to success and is compassionate about helping you reach your specific goals. Before you give up, just think about this positive quote, "nothing is impossible because the word itself says "I'm possible!"

How long have you been modeling?

Just a few years, not until after I turned 30 believe it or not.

What made you start writing books?

I was meal planning for myself and instead of including all the ingredients of one meal (i.e. a salad), I just figured out the nutrition content of that salad and wrote the name down to save room on my chart. Naturally, I was getting bored of the same few things so I expanded my recipes. After sharing my recipes with friends and family who were interested in eating (what I made sound good), they suggested I write a book. I thought they were crazy but ended up taking on the challenge and completing my first book, "On-Season Off-Season!" Now the average reader can have a better idea of the kind of stuff I like to eat (but not so much restrict myself to).

With completing a dozen competitions under my belt consistently placing in the top 3 in just over 2 years, along with 2 highly-accredited certifications in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition; hearing and seeing so many people drastically dieting and/or wanting to do ANYTHING to look like a competitor or even be a competitor, it rubbed me the wrong way because this sport is not about making unhealthy choices and taking the wrong path; especially being under the care of someone who is not properly certified/educated. Fad diets, over-usage of supplements, even over-training is just as UNhealthy as someone who doesn't diet and exercise at all but in the opposite. "The All-Natural Highway to Health" is a book compiled of all the misunderstood FAQ's in the health & fitness industry in extensive detail along with informative tips on what it takes to compete from expenses to diet. I wanted to be a part of putting an end to a lot of this false information floating around and knew it was important to get more than just MY word in these sensitive subjects, but to collectively get other professionals involved to give the reader a higher level of trust in believing the real fit-facts!

Being certified in Fitness Nutrition has opened my eyes even bigger than just getting my fruits and veggies in for the day. It also means understanding the confusing, misleading labels and what is really hidden in our food that can overall hinder ones health and progress. "What The...Is In My Food?" is in the works and projected to be similar to a dictionary to reference all those foreign additives and chemicals to help the reader understand that it's not just important to count calories, but to count chemicals too! Sadly, the marketing industry has many Americans fooled and it's up to us to learn how to be fool-proof!