I am a Fitness Professional and enthusiast, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, as well as a certified Personal Trainer. My clients range from 16 to 81 years of age with various health conditions, previous injuries, recovering post-physical therapy from surgeries, as well as clients that are generally healthy and looking to get into better shape and/or interested in competing. I customize workout programs according to the client's current health condition and specific to their goals that also tones and strengthens weakened muscles. This includes building muscle while conditioning their target heart rate for a more efficient, beneficial calorie burn, as well as simultaneously monitoring for spikes and drops due to side-effects from various medications, supplements, etc.

I am also educated and certified in nutrition to ensure my clients understand the importance of eating properly and within their specific daily caloric burn. Not only will they be comfortable in consuming macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) through food, but they will also learn the negative side-effects and damage caused by crash and/or fad-diets, consistent meal replacements, dangers of detoxes, as well as excessive use of supplements. These combinations are the building blocks to a more healthy, lean, desired body and lifestyle that is long-term.

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I am a sponsored, natural NPC/ABFF/NANBF/OCB Figure athlete in the Fitness Industry. I train 6 days a week and am very consistent with healthy eating to maintain in tip-top condition of this demanding sport. I alternate exercises and routines to keep my body in constant challenge to avoid a plateau without the use of supplements or enhancers. I am a firm believer that food is your best source of nutrition and energy required to achieve a competitor's status. I started in the Bikini Division and participated in 3 events before I advanced to the Figure Division where I finally placed due to overall more muscle definition and toning than the Bikini athletes. I compete nation-wide, have a dozen shows experience in 36 months, am Nationally Qualified and have consistently placed in the top 3. I do not believe in “off-season” which would essentially make me lose progress. I continuously train and eat clean year round to maintain an athletic build.


I am a Health and Fitness Columnist; I write informative, educating articles ranging from various workouts, health concerns, anatomical features, common behaviors, benefits of super-foods, as well as what it takes to become a competitor. and are known as the industry's most reputable health and fitness websites that keeps you on your toes with new articles, recipes, workouts, even interviews with fitness models and competitors!

As a Health and Fitness Public Speaker I organize and conduct seminars to bring people together to not only educate them on the benefits of exercise and clean-eating, but demonstrate proper form, injury prevention, illustrate awareness on side-effects of various supplements including medications, help improve confidence and restore lost motivation. It's also an opportunity to share experiences, information, and ask questions to help everyone feel comfortable and involved.

Be sure to pick up a copy of my published books to include in your health & fitness library!

"On-Season Off-Season" caters to individuals who want to learn more about a healthier lifestyle using muscle-foods, super-foods, even comfort foods. It explains how to be self-sufficient in the kitchen as a beginner, get educated on various diet restrictions and helpful tips; everything 500 calories or less (with pictures) and nutrition contents conveniently broken down to keep your caloric intake in-check! It's a great starter-book to transition from a poor diet to adopting healthier eating habits without feeling deprived!

"The All-Natural Highway to Health" is a very detail-oriented book (with pictures) covering many health & fitness topics or commonly misunderstood FAQ in the industry. These subjects range from nutrition, dieting, physical activity, bodily functioning and regulation, health and wellness, strength training, as well as information for those who are interested in competing. Learn about various organizations, divisions, tips and prep to get you stage-ready! Rest-assured you're reading the most accurate research in which this book was read and validated by a panel of experts ranging from medical doctors, registered dietitians, PRO-bodybuilders, exercise-science & kinesiology majors, and other highly-accredited fitness professionals. These individuals all agree with the science-backed information regarding your overall well-being and opportunity to make significant gains inside and out! It's imperative to get the voice and approval of many highly-educated experts, not just one!

Stay-tuned for "What The....Is In My Food?" as it is currently in the works. It's a book that discloses all the "foreign ingredients" (in alphabetical order) that is plastered all over the majority of our packaged foods and products today, many of which are even hard to pronounce! Think of it as a handy-health dictionary. Learn what ingredients are friend or foe to keep your body up to gold-standard! Don't just count calories, count chemicals too! Estimated date of publish is fall/winter 2015. Be sure to check the "shop" tab then to see if it's available to add to your collection!